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June 17, 2018

Three in every four taxpayers in Capricornia will be better off under Labor’s tax plan than they would be under the Liberals.


All up, about 60 000 local workers in Capricornia, or 74 per cent, will get a bigger, better, fairer tax cut under Labor.


At the same time, new data released by The Australia Institute has shown that under Malcolm Turnbull’s proposed personal income tax cuts, Capricornia workers will receive tax returns that are below the national average.


The new data shows that Capricornia families would only receive 90% of the average benefit from the tax cuts, for all Australian households.


In contrast, the electorate which stands to gain most is Malcolm Turnbull’s own wealthy electorate of Wentworth, in Sydney, which would receive 192%, or nearly double the average of all Australian households.


All up, the Nationals hold four of the ten electorates, across Australia, which will benefit least from the tax cuts, with Labor holding the rest. By contrast, seven of the ten electorates to benefit most are Liberal held, with Mr Turnbull’s electorate on top.


Yet again, we see Queensland’s National Party-aligned MPs sellout to their Liberal bosses, in Sydney and Melbourne.


It shows how out of touch Malcolm Turnbull is with regional Queensland that he would spruik for a tax cut that so blatantly favours his own voters, while cutting regional schools, hospitals, and training to pay for it.


But what is more shocking is that the Nationals keep backing him in!


How many times will Michelle Landry, and the rest of the LNP, put Malcolm Turnbull and his millionaire mates over Central Queenslanders?


First they did it with penalty rates, with thousands of struggling Queenslanders bracing for yet another penalty rates cut in July.


Then they did it with an $80 billion tax cut for big business, despite research showing the only a handful of businesses based in regional Queensland would benefit.


Now they’re doing it with Turnbull’s personal income tax cuts.


No matter what Malcolm Turnbull says, these income tax cuts are not fair. It’s about time that the LNP realised that.


By contrast, Labor understands our regional economies gain, when we put more money in the pockets of working Australians.


Labor’s tax plan will help over ten million working Australians receive bigger, and fairer, tax cuts.


Regional Queensland deserves better than an MP who would rather be Canberra’s voice in Queensland than Queensland’s voice in Canberra.


It’s about time that Michelle Landry and the LNP fought for regional Queenslanders.