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March 23, 2018

Pauline Hanson’s deal to deliver $65 billion in tax cuts for the big end of town, in exchange for a “pilot” program for 1000 apprenticeships is a pathetic con job.


Already Hanson has sold out the battlers she pretends to stand up for, by supporting cuts to penalty rates, pensions and health funding.


By supporting a big business tax cut, she’s sold out again, choosing billionaires over battlers.


Since the LNP won Government in 2013, Queensland wide over 30 000 apprentices have been lost - a decline of over 30 percent.


Across Australia, 140 000 apprenticeships have been lost.


It’s bad enough that Malcolm Turnbull and his LNP MPs have sold out Queensland on company tax cuts, but we expect the LNP to put their big business mates over working Queenslanders.


But One Nation selling out on company tax cuts shows that they pretend to care about battlers in regional Queensland, and then side with the Liberals and big business in Canberra.


One Nation have been bought off with an empty promise to replace less than one per cent of the apprenticeships that have been lost under the LNP government.


How many of the apprentices are going to be in regional Queensland, an area that has been hit hard by the LNP’s cut to skills funding.


The Turnbull government has no plan to arrest the decline in apprentice numbers. 


The 2017 Budget cut a further $637 million from TAFE training and apprenticeships and their proposed ‘Skilling Australians Fund’ – supposed to deliver 300,000 apprenticeships - has been widely panned as unworkable.


Labor has a comprehensive and fully funded plan that will support TAFE and boost apprentice numbers across the country.


The Turnbull- Hanson deal will do next to nothing to arrest the decline in apprentice numbers and should be seen for the smokescreen that it is.