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January 30, 2017

In a shocking discovery today, it has been revealed that Member for Fadden and disgraced former Minister Stuart Robert lobbied the Queensland State Government on behalf of LNP donors who own the Oxley Hotel, over a road development well away from his electorate.


While Mr Robert is entitled to advocate for his constituents, this action calls into question his priorities as a local member.


Stepping in for a company that has donated tens of thousands to the LNP is the kind of questionable behaviour that led to Stuart Robert being stripped of his ministerial responsibilities in the first place.


In light of these new revelations and the unresolved Crime and Corruption Commission investigation into Mr Robert, it’s extraordinary that he would be lobbying for a return to the front bench.


If Stuart Robert is so willing to go out of his way to back up LNP donors, maybe he should start doing his job and fighting for things his electorate cares about, like fair funding for the M1.


Every day thousands of Gold Coast residents sit stuck in traffic on the M1, while Gold Coast LNP MPs like Mr Robert do nothing to pressure their own government to properly fund an upgrade.


If Mr Robert can find enough time to lobby for a business based an hour out of his electorate, he can find time to do his job and fight for fair funding for the M1.


It’s just not good enough for him to put his personal interests, or those of big LNP donors, at the top of his To Do List, over the interests of the people of the Gold Coast.


Being the Member for Fadden isn’t some cushy job Stuart Robert can take advantage of.


If he keeps getting his priorities, maybe he should step aside for someone willing to fight hard for the Gold Coast.